Keno rules: learn how to win online in this casino game

Keno rules

Keno is of Chinese origin, it became known in the United States in the 19th century when Chinese immigrant workers settled in the country, to make their fortune in the construction of the railways and the extraction of coal in the mines.

Keno is a lottery game but varies from state to state and country to country. It is very easy to play and master the rules. Keno is known for its low odds of winning, but it is inexpensive to play. The chances of winning are low, but if you win: you will get a lot of money. Also, keno is ideal if you have an ongoing game in another game, as it is generally used by casinos. Each game of keno is called a “run”, and there are often long pauses between each run. However, some casinos offer a series of races directly: in this way, the player has the possibility to bet only once and does not even need to wait any longer.

Where to play keno?

In land-based casinos, keno is played in the rooms reserved for it. Once you have paid to play, you will have access to the main casino floor. The results are usually displayed on television screens. Often, there are staff on hand to collect your tickets and give you the results and winnings of your wins. It is therefore important to keep a receipt for your games, even if you are not in the keno room. You can also play keno at the many internet casinos and even try it for free at the Rome Casino.

Machines designed for keno

In some casinos there are dedicated keno slot machines. Their advantage is that they avoid waiting for players. The results are instantaneous. In addition, players no longer have to carry their playing papers and can consult the results on the screens. In casinos of this type, keno is an instant game and not a group game.

How to play

The rules of keno are simple. All you have to do is choose four to ten numbers from a list. The numbers you can choose range from one to eighty. In general, it is better to choose a lot of numbers to have a better chance of winning. Also, you won’t be competing for the jackpot unless you pick ten numbers.

In land-based casinos, you will have to sign a ticket much like a lottery ticket and a copy of the ticket will be returned to you. When you play keno on an online machine, the number you have chosen will be displayed on the screen. Keno parlours often use machines similar to the ones that run the lottery draws on television in the evenings. They are also similar to those used for bingo or lotto in France. The machine selects 20 balls. If your selection matches the draw shown, you will get a more or less large prize.

Bets and payouts

The prize to be paid depends on the casinos, but you will have to bet at least one $ to play. If you play online or if you use a machine, you can see what the payout rate is on the screen. This varies according to the number of numbers you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen four numbers, you only need two numbers to win. If you have chosen ten numbers, you will only need five numbers to win. However, if you have chosen the maximum number of numbers, your payout rate will be higher.

Casino percentages

Playing keno has some drawbacks, the percentage withheld on winnings is 30%. Therefore, it is not the best way to make money. However, it is cheap to play and the jackpot is big. So if you think luck is on your side, go ahead and play a game of keno.

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