Bingo 80 is the simplest version to play

Bingo 80

One of the most attractive aspects of bingo is that it has a variety of different versions. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular in the world; here we will explain the rules, prizes and other features of bingo 80 so that you can win consistently.

Get to know the rules of 80 ball bingo and get the winning combinations.

80-ball bingo rules

There are several types of prizes in 80-ball bingo. You can get a ‘Bingo’, which means you have crossed off all 80 numbers on the grid, but you can also complete horizontal lines, vertical lines, the centre square, or all four corners of the bingo card.

This is the real advantage of 80-ball bingo, which offers a variety of ways to win. However, it should be noted that the prizes vary depending on the winning combinations and not all are equal in terms of how much you can win.

80-ball bingo combinations

To be more precise, the four combinations for your bets to translate into winnings are as follows:

  • Single Line: As the name suggests, you simply fill in the squares on the card to form any kind of line. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal or even by marking the four corners.
  • Two columns: In this case, the combinations are much more specific and the player must complete all the boxes in two columns of the chequebook. That is, eight numbers in total.
  • Three columns: The same applies here as in the previous combination, only in this case you have to fill in three of the four columns on the card. That is, 12 of the 16 numbers available.
  • Full house: The combination with the best prizes is, of course, the one in which you fill in all 16 cells of the 80-ball bingo card. You will have to do it before the other players!

But be careful, these prizes are not disposable. In other words, there will be games in which you will play to win these four prizes. First one line, then two columns and three columns until the cardboard is finished.

In addition to the rooms, you can also play as many games as you want online, which will bring you a lot of advantages that are very difficult to beat.

Win online in casino

80 number bingo is not very different from the other variants when it comes to how it is played online. In online bingo, the games are played at a much higher speed and the games usually contain additional challenges.

Groups of numbers are called at two or three second intervals and an automatic system compares the numbers directly for you, according to what is on your card.

The range of different titles available for the 80 ball bingo game is huge, which is the biggest advantage of playing at the best online casinos. And the number only increases as the years go by.

Moreover, when you play online you can enjoy the welcome bonus and more promotions from your chosen casino, allowing you to play 80 ball bingo risk-free.

And, if you’re still not convinced, remember that you can play wherever you are on your computer or mobile.

Before we finish, let’s summarise a little of what we have presented so far.

These are the advantages of playing with bingo cards up to 80

When playing with bingo cards up to 80 you will have the following incredible advantages in every game you play:

  • 80 ball bingo has more chances of winning due to the numerous possible combinations.
  • 80-ball bingo is also more attractive thanks to the mini-games and challenges available.
  • 80-ball bingo broadens the scope of online gaming as it is generally more convenient to play and easier to access.

If you add to this the free bonuses we talked about in the previous section of this article, then the appeal of playing 80 ball bingo is even greater.

If you’re ready to win then play 80 ball bingo today.

Although winning a game of 80 ball bingo is like winning a small lottery, the fun behind this simple game is too great to ignore.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of any bonuses offered by the casino, so you can place some bets without having to put all your money on them.

If you want to know more about this, then don’t hesitate to visit our section with the TOP 10 best casinos available, check out their bonuses and play for free!

All in all, 80 ball bingo is an excellent option to start playing casino games – choose your cards and win!

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