The Gambling Misbelief of Analysis Opposed to Intuition


Any player has thought about this question at least once: what works best in gambling? Is it just intuitive guidance or a set of stone-cold decisions? First of all, there should be a clear distinction between these two aspects, so let’s consider a straightforward example. A roulette player continues playing it fourteen times in a row and the ball falls out literally only on black numbers. So he thinks that there is no way it’s going to keep falling out on the same color numbers for as many times and the win must definitely be the red number.

This assumption might seem to be quite logical, but in fact it doesn’t make any sense. The reason for this is that the chance of a ball falling out on each color number is about one-to-one possibility. Thus there is no point guessing the color of the number with regard to the preceding spins. This exact scenario is one of the ways consciousness makes a person believe things that are not even supported by the realities of how the world works.

Decision Making By the “Matrix” Movie

There’s a scene in “Matrix” when Morpheus suggests Neo a choice between two pills, the red one represented reality as it is and the blue one meant to stay ignorant of the way things are. That’s precisely the way our mind makes us choose between pure logic and things that we make up. But the choice doesn’t seem as daunting when one chooses a new meal as it is when it concerns money loss or gain. Of course, the sappers, surgeons, and firemen’s decisions that determine people’s life or death outcome would easily top the caution level, so there is no sense in overthinking gambling enjoyment. However, it’s possible to gain some little similar feelings playing some quality gambling games. Nevertheless, the majority of gambling sites provide simple games with boring gameplay. Fortunately, you may find thousands of them on the Play Amo online casino and some other top online gambling platforms. There you may try both your logical analysis skills and intuition.

Nothing Is Impossible

There was an outrageous case when in 1913 in one of the Monaco casinos the roulette had the ball fall out on black in 26 spins in a row. The 27th time was red and it was a mind-blowing situation. Right after that, gamblers put their bets on red too many times. That’s how their mind logic led them to thinking that the same could happen to the red part of the roulette wheel. Nonetheless, if we talk about logic power, poker is an exception because it requires a good deal of intelligence, observation, memory and data analysis.

Enjoy it

Although the voice of intuition can cloud a player’s mind, no one has to constantly overthink things. The point of gambling is to enjoy it and also get the opportunity to gain some money and at the same time remember that everything is good in moderation.

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