Blackjack Gives the Casino Rather a Small Advantage


One of the most attractive peculiarities of this game is that many of the Blackjack variations give the casino a very small advantage if the player is following a basic strategy. Nevertheless, there are thousands of such variations. Visiting the majority of top online gambling establishments, you may find a great collection of different titles developed by well-known providers. As an example, you may try The platform offers many great Blackjack games as well as bonuses for them.

The range of Casino Advantage in this game ranges from a minimum size of 0.5 percent to a maximum value of exactly 16 percent. The run-up is large at 15.5% and there are several factors influencing the numbers: 

  • the rules of certain blackjack options;
  • the strategies chosen by the player himself (the basic strategy of the game is considered optimal for the player);
  • the number of decks in the game.

Note that it is the number of decks in blackjack that has the most obvious influence on the size of Casino Advantage. In simple words – the fewer decks participate in the game, the lower the percentage of house advantage and the more chances the player has for the coveted Natural combination. It is the second name of the Blackjack combination (the sum of two cards in the player’s hands is equal to 21 points).

Rules That Have Different Effect on Casino Advantage

Blackjack Dealer

There are several other important rules and events in the game that have a lesser or greater effect on the size of the casino’s superiority over the player. For example, the number of resplits – shuffling cards after a split. To be clear, each resplit reduces the base Casino Advantage by 0.1 percent. 

In the case when the rules of the game stipulate that the player cannot “order” resplit, the house edge will be 0.1 percent higher. The way the player plays after the dealer, that is, follows his rules, can be very home-friendly, increasing the Casino Advantage by five and a half percent. The house edge increases by 0.22 percent if the dealer takes an additional card with a Soft Hand (a hand with a soft ace, which can be equal to 1 or 11 points) with 17 points.

The list below shows common variations of Blackjack play and Casino Advantage sizes, along with the conditions or rules of play that affect it.

  • Super Fun 21 Blackjack –  0.75 percent;
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – 0.70 percent;
  • Classic Blackjack – 0.43 percent;
  • Spanish 21 – 0.40 percent;
  • Caribbean 21 – 0.20 percent;
  • Pontoon – 0.17 percent;
  • Blackjack Switch – 0.05 percent.

Different casino games give a greater or lesser degree of superiority to a gambling house and found out what influences these numbers. Any new game rule may affect the Casino Advantage percentage. Some of the games listed above are ad-hoc games – that is, games against the casino with a favorable or positive mathematical advantage for the player. But for this, it is necessary to adhere to certain strategies and rules. 

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