Betting on a draw in football

Betting on a draw in football

Betting on a draw in football is a very popular prediction among bettors, as bookmakers usually offer quite attractive odds and it is a result that occurs regularly in all football competitions, especially in the leagues, and it can be valid for almost anyone.

There are a multitude of strategies of this style, systems in which multiple bets are made on the draw in search of the probability in favour of the draw, and in the case of the draw this exists and can be found.

Martingale strategy

This is one of the most popular, especially in roulette games, due to the simplicity of its application. Its basic principle is that we must bet on an event, if we don’t succeed we must double the amount in the next bet and so on until we succeed and get a profit.

In this case, the event we would bet on would be the draw, a prediction that usually offers odds of between $3 and $5 on average in most matches in many competitions.

The key to this strategy, but also the risk, lies in the fact that the longer it takes us to get it right, the greater our profits will be, although on the other hand we will also be investing more and more money, reaching a point that we may not be able to afford.

Therefore, in order to apply this strategy in a satisfactory way, it is necessary to take into account a series of premises.

It is necessary to choose the matches on which we are going to bet appropriately.

It is advisable to take matches of teams that tend to -2.5 goals, that is to say, that score and concede few goals, as this increases the chances of them ending in a draw.

A maximum loss limit should be set

Although the promise of big winnings is tempting, you need to be clear about how much money you can afford to lose during the implementation of this strategy, as well as the initial amount you would start with, as you need to remember that this will multiply with each bet.

You can consult our article on football draw statistics to find out which are the leagues with the most draws or the teams that draw the most in Europe.

Which are the leagues with the most draws?

From a statistical point of view, competitions such as the Italian League, the French League and the Argentine League usually have a high volume of draws, the draw is a result that occurs with some frequency in almost any competition, so competitions such as the Santander League, the SmartBank League or the Premier League, to name some of the best known, are perfectly valid for this type of betting.

Tips for betting on the draw

Select low scoring teams

As mentioned before, it is advisable to select matches involving teams of similar level or teams that usually concede and score few goals, so that there is a better chance of a draw in the end.

Draw dynamics

When analysing the teams, we should try to find out if they have been drawing in the last few rounds, if they usually draw when playing against a certain opponent, if they draw when playing at home or away.


Beyond clichés such as the fact that any sportsman always seeks to win, in reality we must take into account more mundane factors such as motivation for a result, i.e. if two teams that face each other have a draw to achieve their goal, regardless of how they arrive and the level of each one, the match will probably end in a draw.

If you want a useful tool, you can also use our system betting calculator.

Should I always bet on the draw?

Despite being a highly combinable prediction with others and, therefore, it is highly recommended to apply it as far as possible, it is not really advisable to always bet on the draw, if some of the conditions we have mentioned above are not met, since in that case the chances of success would be quite low, although being football there is always the option of any result occurring.

Our experience betting on the draw

Betting on the draw is a prediction that we recommend, both on its own and in combination with other bets. It is also quite useful if it is applied sporadically, or if you choose to use a strategy that provides you with a stable method of trying to make a profit.

In addition, we also recommend always betting at reliable and safe bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Bwin, or Betfair.

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