Agenda Collective Meeting June 26 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names / Check-in

4.) How a collective works

5.) UVic Judicial Affairs Presentation

6.) Updates

  • Department managers meeting last week. New UVSS management. UVSS looking to start new service.
  • Retreat Working Group – go over retreat plans so far
  • Rainbow crosswalk

7.) Music Festival Organizing Group – 2 reps from Pride

8.) Resource funding request from collective member

9.) Approval of Vision Plan For Upcoming Year

10.) Changing Garden Work Party Times

11.) Approval to set up Policy Committee Meetings to look at leftover SAGM policies

12.) Fall Student Experience Panel and Faculty/Staff Training Event – a collab with UVic

13.) Weekly Newsletter instead of Weekly Email? Makes it easier for us to fill in.

14.) Women’s Radio Collective Policy Lookover (they are asking us to help them lookover and flag anything we don’t like)

15.) Events and Activism Committee – Planning July Events


Collective Meeting Agenda Friday June 12th

Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Round of Names/Check-In

What Is A Collective and How Does This Whole Thing Work?


1.) Queer Youth Drop-In

2.) Half The New Books Are In!!!

3.) SVAWC (Sexual Violence Awareness Week Campaign)

4.)Camosun Pride Update

5.) Harm Reduction Update


1.) Binders and Trying On Tent for Alt. Pride

2.) YES2SCS Support

3.) UVic Pride summer 2015 Retreat

4.) Queer Music Festival

5.) UVSS Interim Board Rep

6.)VIPIRG Proposal


Events and Activism:

1.) Victoria Pride Tabling

2.) June Art Workshop


Collective Meeting Agenda Friday May 29th

Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Check-In and Round of Names

1.) Updates

–  Safer Spaces Committee

– Candy Land Dance!

– SVAWC Update

– GC2B Binders

– CUQSC Conference

– Alt Pride Volunteering

2.) Speaking Our Truth! Funding Request

3.) Dis/Orientation Days

4.) Alt Pride Funding Request

5.) Engineering Department Issues

6.) Fall Referendum :)

7.) Volunteering Victoria Discussion

8.) Harm Reduction Discussion

Events and Activism Meeting

1.) June Planning

2.) Trans Conference

3.) Queer Music Festival Proposal

4.) Rainbow Crosswalk on Campus – Proposal from UVic

Collective Meeting Agenda May 14th 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) Updates

– Candy Land Dance

– PCHA Transgender Health Update

5.) Under Cover Innitiative Zine Approval

6.) “Research Project on Discrimination on Campus” Discussion and Action

7.) Safer Spaces Discussion

8.)E&A Combining With Collective Meeting Approval

9.) Pride Video Working Group ( Safer Sex Video, Pronoun Video etc etc for website)

10.) Anti Oppressive Practices Working Group Proposed by Board

11.) Worstudy Positions Approval for Sept-April 2015-2016

12.) Our name on wayfinding signage

13.) Anarchist Bookfair Tabling Request

14.) Interim Board Rep

Collective Meeting Agenda May 1 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) Updates

  • Candy Land Dance on May 15th!
  • Camosun Pride Rep Update
  • SVAW Committee Update

5.) Binder Donation

6.) Yes2SCS “Street Deaths are Preventable Deaths” Campaign

7.) Victoria Pride Society Vendor (Tabling) at Pride

8.) Safer Sex Video

9.) Queer Abilities  Workshop

10.)Leftover Policies from SAGM (Emergency Fund and Caucus Policies) – If you would like an editable version of the policies, please email and we will get that to you!



Collective Meeting Agenda April 23rd 2015

1) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2) Safer Spaces

3) Round of Names / Check-In

4) Updates

– Queer Youth Drop-In

– Office Coordinator Off April 28 – May 12

5)Conference Funding Request from Collective Member

6) Policy Check-In  (Caucus Policy and Emergency Fund Policy)

7) Summer Budget Approval

8) May E&A budget/ideas proposal

9) Make-up workshop request

10) Queer Youth Fund Request

11.) Breast Forms Order Blurb


Collective Meeting Agenda April 16 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names and Check in

4.) Updates

  • most of new coordinating committee has been trained. they start immediately
  • anti-oppression training at UVSS board retreat
  • advocacy council
  • garden work party – spent $5 on soil

5.) Office Coordinator Contract Ending in June – Strike a Hiring Committee for Job Reposting/Rehiring

6.) Art-Series Workshop Proposal

7.) Resources Blurb Approval

8.) Two complementary tickets to Caberet Outro at Metro Studio this Friday. Who wants them/how do we decide who gets them?

9.) Approval to send coordinator to UVSS Board retreat for the UVic Pride orientation for the Board

10.) Policies Check in –

11.) Coordinator traveling to conference request

12.) Invitation to join sexualized violence awareness implementation committee (AVP). Does Pride want to go? Anybody want to go for Pride?

13.) New Collective Meeting Times

14.) Letter to judicial affairs regarding training for security

15.) Regularly scheduled garden work parties.

Collective Meeting April 9th 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) Updates

  • recent missing equipment
  • condom order arrived! import/duty fees

5.) Emergency Fund and Caucus Policies. Please view them here:

6.) Trans health future directions discussion & funding request

7.) UVSS AOP Board Training – Ask our Board Rep (Cal) to bring to the board that they have not undergone the training that is mandated in policy and that they have not consulted us in regards to aop training for the next board. – read out kims email

8.) Dance Party Date Change Approval

9.) Dance Party Funding Increase Request (for payment of live music)

10.) Binder Order Approval and Discount Code

11.) Blurb for binders resource

12.) Outgoing coordinator gifts

13.) Volunteer appreciation approval – also, what constitutes a volunteer? Who does the collective hold this event for?

Collective Meeting March 26 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names

4.) Updates:

  • Victoria Safer Consumptions Sites Campaign
  • Student Experience Panel next Tuesday

5.) CFUV Presentation

6.) Safer Sex Supplies Order

7) Funding Request from Collective Member

8) Advocacy Group Photos for UVSS Website

9) Leftover policies from SAGM – what do we want to do?

10) Invitation to Gender Policy meeting at CFUV & Womens Radio Collective – Can we go? – 6pm March 31st.

11) Payment for Final Volunteer Training Workshop of Semester

12) Limitation of 1 set of resources per person?

13) Student Experience Panel – request for honorariums from moderator

SAGM Agenda March 9 2015

Please view at the google docs link below: