UVic Pride Collective Meeting August 21st 2015

1. Acknowledgement of the Territories

2. Safer Spaces

3. Round of Names/Check-in

4. How do collective meetings work?

5. Adoption of the minutes (July 24th, August 7th)

6. Updates:

  • Retreat budget and plans
  • Referendum
  • tabling at orientation events

7. Fall Student Experience Panel & Training Collaboration with UVIC

8. Establish Referendum Working Group

9. Events and Activism Committee:

  • Create September Calendar

10. Open House Event (basement party?)


Collective Meeting August 7th 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names / Check-in

4.) How does a collective and collective meetings work?

5.) Updates

  • registered to table at student orientation events

6.) Referendum Final Decision Making

7.) Music festival venue booking

8.) Pride Representative to Education Equity Committee

9.) Campus Kickoff Promotional Opportunity

Agenda Collective Meeting July 24th 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) How do collective meetings work?

5.) Updates:

  • Queer Youth Drop in Program w/ Saanich Parks and Rec
  • Retreat Working Group Update and Check-in about plans
  • Anyone know of any trans friendly gyms in town?

6.) Women’s Radio Collective Event Request from Pride

7.) We need representatives for Sexualized Violence Awareness Week Committees

8.) Referendum Discussion

9.) Student Tours

10.) We need an Educational Equity Advisory Group Representative

11.) Coordinators requesting time off August 4 – 7.

Events and Activism:

August Calendar


Statement on Marriage Equality, Rainbow Crosswalk and the Mainstream Pride Movement

The UVic Pride Collective would like to criticize and address some of the recent occurrences regarding queer and trans inclusion, both on campus, as well as more broadly. More specifically, this letter is coming about in the midst of student action against the rainbow crosswalk on campus and the regalvanization of the mainstream pride movement with the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in favour of marriage equality.

The UVic Pride Collective acknowledges the important work done by students and community members, both in the past and present. As a collective, we support their efforts (including our own members) by holding the University accountable to the safety and inclusion of marginalized students and community members, for whom injustice, violence and exclusion is still a common occurrence. While we look forward to the time where we can come together and celebrate the victories that have happened across time and with hard work, it is necessary to remember that this work needs to be done with, rather than for queer and trans communities. While the UVic Pride Collective is not against celebrating marriage equality, or queer pride in the form of a rainbow crosswalk (we recognize that these were hard fights that gave wide-spanning rights for certain members of the queer and trans communities), we find it imperative to maintain an on-going dialogue that critically examines the areas where people still get left behind and become further marginalized for the sake of advancing the asks of mainstream (white, cisgender, middle-class, able-bodied) queer movements. Marriage equality (more broadly), and the rainbow crosswalk (locally on campus), are not even bandaid solutions – instead, they have given visibility to the privileged members of the queer and trans communities, while further excluding those on the margins of this movement.

As an example, the victory for marriage equality in the United States has come at a time of heightened racial tensions, injustices and violence. The mainstream pride movement is distancing itself from racial justice – so much so that news and celebrations for marriage equality and “pride season” overcast and invisibilize the recent (and ongoing) struggles in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Charleston, as well as the missing and murdered Indigenous women across Canada. Opportunities for solidarity and mutual support have not been taken up, and we see a situation where the white middle-class is celebrating, while Black, Indigenous and other communities of colour are in mourning for the murders and genocide of their peoples. We are not celebrating. We need to go further than this in our fight. We need to make this fight intersectional.

The fight for marriage equality has also been one fought with the resources of the white, middle-class. That is not to say that poor queer and trans people of colour do not benefit from marriage equality (as they may), but that this fight has been brought forward particularly by those who will benefit the most and from those who have the economic and political means to support it. Now that the major fight for this queer demographic is over, we will begin to see the dwindling economic and political support for those that exist on the queer margins. Without the support of the mainstream, we will see the further marginalization of those already marginalized – a further widening of the gap of inequity within the queer community.

We, as a collective, also remain necessarily critical of how pride symbols, celebrations and discourses have (and continue to) become co-opted by different political and corporate bodies, as oftentimes the adoption of these symbols is used to mask contradictory and damaging policies and positions. As the corporatization of pride movements continues, we see the tokenizing of the queer and trans communities and the use of our struggles to falsely promote a more liberal discourse and image for companies that otherwise care more about profit than people.

Symptomatic of this corporatization is the loss of political meaning at pride parades, festivals, and celebrations. Let us not forget that the roots of the pride parade started as a riot against the ongoing police raids and brutality at the Stonewall Inn in New York, mainly led by the most marginalized queer voices (trans women of colour, poor, homeless queers). Instead of paying homage to the riot and the political aspects of that historical boiling point, we instead see an appropriation of the parade by corporate sponsors and political parties looking to appear queer friendly. Along with this appropriation, pride parades and festivals have become a so-called celebratory event where heteronormative practices have become embedded. Consent is not practiced and “allies” are being paid to represent our community on floats. These so called “allies” come out to pride parades and festivals, expecting to get drunk and party without acknowledging or supporting the marginalized voices from the queer and trans communities who started this all. It has become an unsafe and exclusionary space to the very same individuals that it is supposed to be for. This is not inclusive; this is dangerous.

Yes, we need to stand in solidarity with all those involved in the community, but that cannot mean silencing the voices of those who still experience so many areas of marginalization. The assimilation of white and heteronormative ideals into the queer and trans community replicates toxic values, creating unsafe spaces and violent behaviors within our own community. This assimilation, this homonormativity, this normalization of a singular queer experience (white, cis, middle-class, able-bodied), is being flown under a rainbow banner. We recognize our own complicated relationship with the usage of this symbol. However, we do not accept the rainbowwashing of our struggles. We reject the rainbow flag at its current representation. But this can change…

To this end, we support those students who recently protested the rainbow crosswalk and the violence that they faced by the University community. We invite everyone to continue this fight with us and to begin incorporating a much-needed critical and intersectional lens into this cluster fuck of a movement.

UVic Pride Collective



Agenda Collective Meeting July 10 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces Policy

3.) Round of Names / Check-in

4.) How does a collective work, how do collective meetings work?

5.) Adoption of meeting’s minutes (June 12th and June 24th)

6.) Updates

  • Rainbow Crosswalk & meeting with UVic ppl
  • Retreat Plans
  • VIPIRG Letter
  • Board Update
  • Queer/Trans Youth Drop In Space Update

7.) 1mL Syringes – Request to order and provide as part of harm reduction resources. (approx. $12 /100)

8.) Collective position statement on recent happenings (marriage equality, rainbow crosswalks, mainstream pride, etc)

8.) Breast form resource. The provider is asking for a reoccurring written piece on their forum from pride.

9.) Funding for resource orders from Pride

10.) Shelving for resources – do we want to get a quote from facilities people who would install it?

11.) Judicial Affairs Follow up – do we want to work with them?

12.) UVic Calendar writeup about Pride

13.) Donation Request from Social Work Department

14.) Electing a representative to UVSS Sub Occupants Committee

15.) Invitation to table at International Students Welcome event

16.) VictoriaNeeds Survey – Should we send out over our networks?

17.) We wanna go over and revise our AOP training module. Set up a working group to do this?

18.) New time for garden work parties

18.) Events and Activism Committee

  • Make facebook event pages for July events

Agenda Collective Meeting June 26 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names / Check-in

4.) How a collective works

5.) UVic Judicial Affairs Presentation

6.) Updates

  • Department managers meeting last week. New UVSS management. UVSS looking to start new service.
  • Retreat Working Group – go over retreat plans so far
  • Rainbow crosswalk

7.) Music Festival Organizing Group – 2 reps from Pride

8.) Resource funding request from collective member

9.) Approval of Vision Plan For Upcoming Year

10.) Changing Garden Work Party Times

11.) Approval to set up Policy Committee Meetings to look at leftover SAGM policies

12.) Fall Student Experience Panel and Faculty/Staff Training Event – a collab with UVic

13.) Weekly Newsletter instead of Weekly Email? Makes it easier for us to fill in.

14.) Women’s Radio Collective Policy Lookover (they are asking us to help them lookover and flag anything we don’t like)

15.) Events and Activism Committee – Planning July Events


Collective Meeting Agenda Friday June 12th

Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Round of Names/Check-In

What Is A Collective and How Does This Whole Thing Work?


1.) Queer Youth Drop-In

2.) Half The New Books Are In!!!

3.) SVAWC (Sexual Violence Awareness Week Campaign)

4.)Camosun Pride Update

5.) Harm Reduction Update


1.) Binders and Trying On Tent for Alt. Pride

2.) YES2SCS Support

3.) UVic Pride summer 2015 Retreat

4.) Queer Music Festival

5.) UVSS Interim Board Rep

6.)VIPIRG Proposal


Events and Activism:

1.) Victoria Pride Tabling

2.) June Art Workshop


Collective Meeting Agenda Friday May 29th

Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Check-In and Round of Names

1.) Updates

–  Safer Spaces Committee

– Candy Land Dance!

– SVAWC Update

– GC2B Binders

– CUQSC Conference

– Alt Pride Volunteering

2.) Speaking Our Truth! Funding Request

3.) Dis/Orientation Days

4.) Alt Pride Funding Request

5.) Engineering Department Issues

6.) Fall Referendum :)

7.) Volunteering Victoria Discussion

8.) Harm Reduction Discussion

Events and Activism Meeting

1.) June Planning

2.) Trans Conference

3.) Queer Music Festival Proposal

4.) Rainbow Crosswalk on Campus – Proposal from UVic

Collective Meeting Agenda May 14th 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) Updates

– Candy Land Dance

– PCHA Transgender Health Update

5.) Under Cover Innitiative Zine Approval

6.) “Research Project on Discrimination on Campus” Discussion and Action

7.) Safer Spaces Discussion

8.)E&A Combining With Collective Meeting Approval

9.) Pride Video Working Group ( Safer Sex Video, Pronoun Video etc etc for website)

10.) Anti Oppressive Practices Working Group Proposed by Board

11.) Worstudy Positions Approval for Sept-April 2015-2016

12.) Our name on wayfinding signage

13.) Anarchist Bookfair Tabling Request

14.) Interim Board Rep

Collective Meeting Agenda May 1 2015

1.) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2.) Safer Spaces

3.) Round of Names/Check-in

4.) Updates

  • Candy Land Dance on May 15th!
  • Camosun Pride Rep Update
  • SVAW Committee Update

5.) Binder Donation

6.) Yes2SCS “Street Deaths are Preventable Deaths” Campaign

7.) Victoria Pride Society Vendor (Tabling) at Pride

8.) Safer Sex Video

9.) Queer Abilities  Workshop

10.)Leftover Policies from SAGM (Emergency Fund and Caucus Policies) – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BXUSDIqyhl_aL5d6_qR3sAjRHUc2C9NdaP2F_niyiBk/edit?usp=sharing. If you would like an editable version of the policies, please email pride@uvic.ca and we will get that to you!