July 23 Collective Meeting Agenda

1. Acknowledgement of the Territories

2. Safer Spaces

3. Round of Names

4. Updates

- Disability and Sexuality Event Steering Committee : Meets Thursday July 31 at 4PM

- SUB OCS committee and freestore stuff

- SUB Filming Tomorrow

- Retreat update

- Policy Meeting Update

- VSAC Meeting Update

- AVP launching vision for Sexualized Violence Awareness Week

5. Furniture (Height Adjustable Desks, Chairs, and Flood Lamps)

6. Establish Volunteer Committee

7. Advertising Opportunity In Residences

8. Meeting w/ Ben Re: Consultation Process with the UVSS

9. VSAC Shoe Distribution

10. UVision – Student Submission to UVic Administration

- Do we want to do submit an accessibility submission regarding GIW?

11. Vivek Shraya Book Launch

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July 11th Collective Meeting Agenda

1. Acknowledgement of the Territories

2. Safer Spaces

3. Round of Names


4. Updates

- VSAC Shoes

- How did alt pride and pride go?

- Board updates?

- Freestore and email from Ben

- DMAB Dinner Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/264623500406140/

- Doodle poll for sexuality and disability steering committee


5. Donation Request for Surgery Financial Aid


7. Button Making Afternoon


8. Tabling at Student Orientation Events

- New Student Orientation

- Graduate and Transfer/Mature Student Orientation


8. Visioning Meeting Details – Approve Document and Give the Go Ahead for All Plans in Document

- Flagged for discussion is approving an internship program in the visioning document

- Brainstorm of how to go ahead as a collective to tackle all of the initiatives throughout the year


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Designated Male At Birth (DMAB) Dinner Event

Hey Everyone! Check out this really cool event happening for trans women and transfeminine folks!


Join us for an evening of good food & good company! welcome to all folks dmab and trans. organized as refuge from the predominance of cis, dfab and transmasculine voices all over victoria. hoping for a comfortable space for trans women and all expressions of femininity.

come over at 5:00pm to help cook or 6:30pm to enjoy the results!

organized & meeting on traditional territories of the Lekwungen & WSANEC peoples.

if you want to come but can’t confirm on facebook, pm me or drop me an email at femonymity(at )gmaildotcom  (femonymity@gmail.com)so we can gauge how much food to bring!

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June 25th Collective Meeting Agenda

1. Acknowledgement of Territories

2. Safer Spaces Guidelines

3. Round of Names


4. Updates and Announcements

- Accessibility Letter Sent Off to SSD

- BCTF Joint Letter

- VSAC Letter sent off

- Dis/Orientation Days Dinner

- Next E&A Meeting, GIWIC Meeting and Policy Meetings

- Volunteers needed for Alt Pride (sign up for uvic pride stuff, and alt pride stuff)


5. Request from Women’s Centre for funding support to develop trans resource guide

6. Retreat Budget For Venue

7. Summer Barbecue Event Budget Request  ($150)

8. Vic Pride Screen Printing and Button Making Supplies Funding Request

9. Discussion About QTIPOC Funding and Funding Request for Dinner Event ($50)

10. Gardening Collective Update and Funding Request ($150)

11. Advo / Board Relations

12. SSD is looking for folks for a steering committee for a sexuality and disability workshop.

13. Funding request from collective member to print a zine for Alt Pride ($150)

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Informal Coordinating Committee Office Hours Summer 2014

Here are the informal office hours for the coordinating committee for summer 2014.
Click here for office hours.
If you’d like to speak personally to any of the coordinating committee members, it is best to email and set up an appointment. Contact information for coordinating committee members can be found here.

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June 11th Collective Meeting Agenda

1. Acknowledgement of the Territories

2. Safer Spaces Policy

3. Round of Names


4. Announcements/Updates

- VSAC Letter

- Accessible Parking

- Letter to Board & public for BCTF

- Update and discussion of coordinator gifts from last week (went over requested amount)


5. Discussion to Purchase New Office Chairs for the Space


6. Discussion to Purchase New Height Adjustable Desks


7. Pride Business Cards


8. Pride Retreat Venue/Update


9. UVic Pride write up for Victoria Pride Society


10. Request to release information on Trans Alliance Archives


11. Visioning Meeting Discussion and Approval


12. Summer Budget


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New BC Legislation regarding legal gender/sex change

Last week some new legislation was signed into law that in part allows one to change legal gender/sex without requiring any surgery, which is pretty useful. this brings bc legislation in line with the ruling of the 2012 ontario human rights tribunal. (http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhrt/doc/2012/2012hrto726/2012hrto726.html)

As this has just passed into legislation, applications are beginning to go in and more information will be continually updated.


  • one still has to have a physician or psychologist fill out a confirming document.
  • If a minor, one’s parents or guardians must also sign the application.
  • fees run between $56 (adult) and $27 (minor), not including fees for replacement documents.
  • If one made less than $20,000 in the previous year & has urgent need to update their information, then the fee may be waived.
  • Additional fees may be required by the physician/psychologist for filling out the form.
  • Choices for gender/sex marker remains M or F.
  • Psychologist services are not typically covered by MSP unless employed in a hospital, correctional facility, community clinic, social agency or school.

All forms can be found at the bottom of this page: https://www.vs.gov.bc.ca/forms/


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June 4th Collective/Visioning Meeting Agenda

1. Acknowledgement of the Territories

2. Safer Spaces Policy

3. Round of Names

4. Announcements and Updates

  • UVSS Affiliated Groups Workshop to learn more about operational processes like budgeting, cheque reqs, financing, staff/union matters, and other important things – Wednesday June 11th 12:30 – 4:30 – SUB B025
  •  Outreach to International Students
  •  Bus Loop Reno and Accessible Parking
  •  Trans rep resignation
  • Pride Zine
  • New BC Legislation allows for change of legal gender/sex without requiring surgery – more info at http://uvicpride.ca/?p=1525
  • Board Update

5. VSAC Letter

6. Dis/Orientation Days Community Dinner

  •  June 18th 5:00 – 7:30 PM Fernwood NRG (1240 Gladstone location) in the Multi-purpose Rooms

7. Representative for Sub Renos Committee

8. Representative for Speaker Series

9. Garden Plot Sharing

10. New Committees and Working Groups:

  • Gardening Collective
  • Policy Development
  • Pride Retreat Working Group

11. Pride Business Cards

12. Outgoing Coordinator Committee Gifts For Past Year

13. Victoria Pride Weekend

14. Workstudy Top-Up

15. Pride Retreat Venue

16. Alt Pride Funding Request

17. Releasing Archives

18. Summer Budget

19. Visioning Meeting!!!! <3<3<3<3

  • Brainstorm Social Events, Activism and Advocacy Events, Campaigns/Initiatives, Outreach, Workshops, Resources, Volunteer Structure, Policy, etc
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Open Letter from UVic Pride Regarding: “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

Open Letter from UVic Pride

UVic Pride contacts you today about the upcoming event “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”, and our collective’s concerns about the continuation of the event this year; as well as our recommendations for the future. UVic Pride recognizes the important work that the Victoria Sexual Assault Center does for the community, and that VSAC has announced this year to be the final year that they organize “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”.
While this is important to note, we must hold VSAC accountable for continuing to hold this event this year. VSAC has organized “Walk a Mile” for the past seven years. In continuing with this year’s “Walk a Mile” event, VSAC is effectively back-pedalling on their promise to be more trans-inclusive. This event is an act of violence against trans feminine folks, in particular, trans women, and definitely does not “challenge gender norms in an environment that feels safe to do so” (Open Letter 2013). UVic Pride recognizes that this event is a major source of funding for VSAC, however in continuing to organize the event this year VSAC is knowingly benefiting from and enacting transmisogyny. As an organization committing to trans inclusivity, we expect more of you, and the community you serve deserves better, both now and in the future. The open letter issued disclosing that this will be the final year for “Walk a Mile” proves that VSAC needs to put a higher priority on practising what they preach. This decentered apology erases VSAC’s accountability towards perpetuating transmisogyny and violent exclusion against trans women. Trans women are the primary people impacted by the “edgy” act of men wearing female-gendered things (shoes, in this case), yet there has been a deliberate vagueness over this fact in VSAC’s statements. This does not hurt “trans people”, it hurt trans women and other trans people designated male at birth. To shy away from explicitly talking about that fact is disingenuous.
VSAC’s recent initiative to be more “trans inclusive” has been about welcoming trans men and nonbinary people to VSAC’s services. There is a long history of AFAB (“assigned female at birth”) trans people being included in women’s spaces and events due to anatomy or myths about socialization, which directly carries implications against the womanhood of trans women, and leads to trans women being less welcome. In VSAC’s recent efforts to become more trans-inclusive, Pride feels that trans women, a subset of women that are hyper-vulnerable to sexual violence, have been consistently ignored or decentered from the conversation about inclusivity and trans-friendliness, which participation in this year’s “Walk A Mile” can only further contribute to.
Additionally, the continued use of “trans*”, which is a term with binary-centric implications (that nonbinary people cannot associate as trans or transgender and need a new label), is troubling. Trans* is a buzzword “in the know” term, does not include anyone not already included by the existing umbrella of trans, and is often used as a kind of inclusivity/solidarity whitewashing tool.
Moving forward Pride would like to see, and asks, that VSAC makes accessible and available the shoes for “Walk a Mile” to trans women and other trans feminine people in our community. If VSAC does not have any resource initiative for trans feminine people, Uvic Pride would happily be willing to provide the shoes through our resources.

Uvic Pride Collective
Friday May 23rd 2014

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May 21st Collective Meeting/Events & Activism Meeting Agenda

Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Round of Names


Office Coordinator Discussion

Walk a Mile Response

Work Study


Pride Social

June Event Planning

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