Leticia Sabater Show Online Slots Guide

Leticia Sabater Show Online Slots

We at casino have tested this game and we all agree that it is really fun, and how could it not be when it stars the sex symbol of a whole generation of Spanish kids? The initial appearance generates some nostalgia as it is based on the classic bar slot machines, with three reels, 3 reels and 3 rows, the typical 3×3.

Full of cheerful and colourful nods, this slot offers two game options, a lower one with Leticia Sabater located on the beach, and an upper one where she is a pop star. This casino game offers a medium-high volatility and a theoretical RTP that varies according to the bets, its values are 70%, 80%, 90%, 90%, 90% and 95% depending on whether we bet $0.2, $1, $5, $10 and $15 respectively.

Like most slots today, this one also offers an Auto-Play option, with a choice of 10 to 500 spins or infinity. In addition, it offers an Auto-Risk option, which varies your betting range.

To win in this slot you will have to line up 3 symbols from left to right or in either direction, depending on the game option you have selected. One of its highlights is the wide variety of mini-games it offers. In fact, this version allows you to play 7 mini-games, all very different and fun. Finally, it is worth noting that this online casino game includes a lot of phrases with the voice-over of Leticia Sabater herself.

Slot machine design Leticia Sabater Show

This fun and cute slot, as mentioned above, offers two styles of games that are very different from each other, at least aesthetically. In the first one we will see Leticia Sabater showing her silhouette on the left side of the game. In this summery version we see a presumably tropical sea in the background and a food trolley supporting the reels.

The lower Leticia Sabater Show slot has a total of 12 symbols. The lower value ones are all fruits, cherries, plums, grapes, mangoes and lemons, while the Bar, Bar Bar Bar and Bar Bar Bar Bar badges are the highest paying when combined offering a respective payout of 8x, 20x and 100x the bet. There is also the option of special symbols, for example the Sausage Potato symbols offer Sausage Potato points, which are used to play the top game.

We also have a Caribbean Postcard with two palm trees that when combined leads to the prizes section, and finally, the wild symbol is an image of Leticia making the “perfect” gesture.

In the second, top game, which is accessed by pressing the Change Game button, Leticia can be seen on the right side of the screen, dressed as a Pop Star with black glasses and a microphone. There are 7 symbols here, the only one that remains the same is the Sausage Potato, then the lower value symbols include the Sausage Trolley, the Cowboy Hats and the Dust Bowl. These three offer 4 times the bet.

The second level features three Lucky 7s, the highest paying of which are the blue ones, followed by the orange and green ones, paying 100, 40 and 20 respectively. In this section we will access the mini-games every time we manage to match 3 symbols.

Leticia Sabater Show mini-games

Here we will review the 7 mini-games offered by Leticia Sabater Show. In each case we will explain the prize and how to win it.

  • Salchipipapa: In the Salchipapa game you have to select the one you want from 5 items. The difficulty is that the cursor will change randomly.
  • Take Cucumber: Once you have access to this game, you must select 1 of the 6 cucumbers and discover your prize.
  • Mr. Policeman: Here you will find two policemen with a naked torso and Leticia in the middle, you will have to choose one of them to get your prize.
  • Superhits: Similar to the game Mr. Policeman, but here the difference is that there will be 5 different characters and if we select them correctly we will win prizes.
  • Leti Rap: The objective is to catch as many musical notes as possible. The more you catch, the more you get.
  • Yo quiero fiesta: You will have to spin the punching bags and the one that stands in front of Leticia will be the one that will give you prizes.
  • Polvorron or Trínchame el Trínchame el Pavo: This mini-game has 2 random themes but both are Christmas themed. You will have to choose the best combination of gifts, selecting from three bags.


As you may have noticed, this is a game with a lot of variations. By immersing yourself in it, you will always enjoy moments of fun and laughter. On this occasion, the MGA Games team has done an exceptional job, as we are used to. Both the interface, so visually simple, and the amount of themes included in a single slot, have left us very satisfied.

We definitely recommend playing the Leticia Sabater Show slot if your goal is to have a good time. Remember that when smaller bets are placed, the RTP drops sharply, so if you want to win big prizes, you will have to increase your bet.

It’s worth mentioning too, that this casino game has been designed with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which allows it to be enjoyed on all types of platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, iOS and Android.

In addition, as with all the slots we recommend at Apuestas Deportivas, we make sure that they are backed by entities such as the DGOJ and certifiers that guarantee their randomness, such as BMM. These entities give us the backing that all the products produced by MGA respond to their RTP and volatility.

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