Attraction: Slot machine review

Attraction: Slot machine

Multipliers and Scatter symbols have been repelled like two magnets with the same polarity


If you like movies like Contact, an American science fiction film released in 1997 and originally written by Carl Sagan in 1985. The film tells the story of a scientist who firmly believes in extraterrestrial life and bases all her research on contacting beings from other planets until she succeeds and completes a first contact. Basically, this film is the basis for this slot developed by the gaming geniuses at NetEnt.

A myriad of measuring devices, computers, coils, elements that measure magnetism and atoms, will be your symbols, which will give you non-stop winning lines so that you get all the prizes that this slot has to offer, win, win, win and win, that’s what it’s all about.

The best

  • A friendly slot game.
  • Affordable betting limits.
  • $5,000 at your fingertips.

The worst thing about it

  • Not progressive.
  • No bonus game.

Technical Features

In the slot machine Atraction ™, you will take place in a laboratory that you will see on the screen of your terminal as and its parts. It is conceived, physics and the laws of attraction are not really exciting. That is why NetEnt has chosen to bring some pep to this theme by choosing to incorporate very colourful graphics and visual animations that are bound to impress. For example, various physique measuring instruments – which act as winning symbols on the slot machine – look like something out of an episode of Inspector Gadget. That will bring a little more appeal to your games. You can also count on the machine’s soundtrack, inspired by the famous music from the video game Tetris, to get you in the mood and bring dynamism to your parties.

Game details

  • Name Attraction;
  • Software Net Entertainment;
  • Type Video Slots;
  • Desktop compatible Yes;
  • Mobile compatible no;
  • Tablet compatible no;
  • Reels 5;
  • Paylines 10;
  • Progressive NO;
  • Max jackpot 5,000;
  • Max cash jackpot 5,000;
  • Max playable chips 100;
  • Wild Symbol YES;
  • Multiplier NO;
  • Scatter symbol NO;
  • Free Spins YES;
  • Betting Range 0.01-100;
  • Bets in chips 0.01-1;
  • Chips per line 10;
  • Bonus game NO.

With a prize of $5,000, you can, no pun intended, claim that the Actration™ slot machine will inevitably appeal to you. What’s more, this i-Slot is clearly cheap. In fact, its betting limits are $0.10 and $100! So you will be able to enjoy it without breaking the bank. However, it is important to note that this slot machine only has 5 reels and 10 paylines. Fortunately, you can count on many bonuses to help increase your chances of winning from this i-Slot.

Bonuses and Payouts

Yes the least we can say is that the Atraction™ slot machine has quite a nice bonus. In fact, before each of your spins on this i-Slot, you will see a laser gun in front of a row or reels of the machine. This gun will be able to transform the wild and block bonus game on the screen. An additional round will then be offered so you can make the most of this highly lucrative bonus.

The wild bonus will also be able to offer you many free spins. In addition, you can multiply your winnings by substituting other game icons to form the most lucrative payline of the machine. Even if the Atraction™ slot machine only has two bonuses, as you say the latter will be able to help you win a big bonanza.

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