The Pride space operates under Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism policies that are in effect for Pride and all events that Pride holds. All members of the collective are responsible for creating a safer space. If the Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism Policy has been violated, safety is always the first priority, with education coming second. There are several ways that violations to policy can be dealt with:

  1. If they feel comfortable, someone can have a private conversation with the person or provide useful resources. If you are the person who has violated the policy and someone would like to discuss it with you, you should listen to what they have to share.
  2. If you have violated the policy and it has upset someone, you should take some time away from the space. The people who have been hurt have the right to the safer space.
  3. If you engage in triggering behaviour such as oppressive slurs (racist, ableist, sexist, colonialist, etc), jokes about sexual assault or sexualized violence, or body policing, you are expected to leave the space immediately.
  4. If someone asks you to leave the space for violating the policy, you need to respect that. It is inappropriate to argue with the request.
  5. If after leaving you would like to return, please contact a Safer Spaces coordinator before returning to discuss the incident and expectations of Pride’s policies.
  6. This policy exists separate from removal processes outlined in the constitution and bylaws.
  7. This policy shall not be used as a tool for removal of collective members based on personal issues.


Safer Spaces coordinators have a limit of two weeks to take action to resolve the safer spaces concern. Examples of taking action are: speaking to those involved with the conflict, providing resources, and contacting the Anti-Violence Project or other organizations for assistance.

This is a learning process for everyone involved. People will make mistakes. Those who are self reflective of their oppressive behaviour, who have taken actions towards understanding and implicating their own privilege and power in perpetuating the systems of oppression, and who have taken actions towards working against these systems and unlearning their oppressive behaviours will be welcomed back into the space by the Safer Spaces coordinators.

Current Safer Spaces coordinators are:

Willa –