The UVic Pride Collective offers shoes and makeup for transwomen and transfeminine people for free! Scroll down for more info.

Why shoes?

Shoe shopping is not always the easiest thing to do and some folks, especially transwomen and transfeminine people, may have a very difficult time finding the right size, let alone shopping in a comfortable and harassment-free environment. This project hopes to provide these shoes in a meaningful and comfortable way for transfeminine communities.

Why makeup?

Finding a safe and comfortable place to try makeup, let alone one with affordable products, is extremely difficult for transwomen and transfeminine people. It is because of this that we offer our makeup resources exclusively to transwomen and transfeminine people, and strive to make our space free of harassment and instead bursting with support.

How do I get these things?

We have donated shoes that can be found both in the washroom of the UVic Pride Centre (SUB B010), and on the rack right beside the door to the main space. We currently have a very wide variety of styles, colours, and sizes available! These shoes free to the community! Simply try on a pair that you like and if you want them, take them! Shoes will continually be restocked when supplies dwindle.

We have donated makeup that can be found on the counter in black wicker baskets in the washroom of the UVic Pride Centre (SUB B010). This includes nail polish as well! We currently have mainly new makeup samples in stock. Because we cannot guarantee that people will clean their makeup (or ask us to do so), we urge that people clean used makeup before use. If you need help doing that, just be sure to ask one of our [link: collective coordinators ] and we’d be happy to help you out! This makeup is free to the community! Simply come in and find some you like. If you want them, take them! Makeup will continually be restocked when supplies dwindle.

We are in the process of finding a way to offer orders for new makeup. Please stay tuned!

We take donations!
Have some large(r) sized shoes you’re looking to donate? We gladly accept shoes size 9 and above! Got some makeup that you don’t need? We’re pleased to accept anything that can be cleaned. We do not accept makeup in bottles or jars because they are extremely difficult to clean (and we don’t want to be spreading bacteria). Just some on by the Pride Centre (SUB B010) and leave your shoes and/or makeup with one of the coordinators, add your makeup to the baskets in the washroom, or email [link: ] for more info!

Here’s what some of our shoes look like:



Phone:        (250) 472-4393  (leave a message for Resource Coordinator)
In person:  UVic Pride Centre, B010 Student Union Building, University of Victoria