The UVic Pride Collective offers binder orders! Scroll down for more info.

What is a binder?

A binder is a tight shirt/undergarment that is worn to compress/flatten a person’s chest to alter appearance.

Want more information? Check out our info pamphlet or email

Here’s what some of the samples in our Centre look like:
FullSizeRender (1)

We order binders from [link: ] and [link: ]. Feel free to check out the sites to get an idea of what style might work for you!

How to order a binder through UVic Pride:

  • Step 1: Try on our Sample Binders.
    Sample binders in various sizes, colours, and styles from Underworks and GC2B are available in the Pride Centre washroom (SUB B010) to try on. They’re there for you to find one that fits your body and your style!
  • Step 2: Fill out an Order Form.
    Order forms are available in the Pride Centre’s washroom, just above the sink. On it, we’ll ask for some contact information, your order information, and what kind of payment (if any) you’ll be offering.
  • Step 3: Paying for your order.
    Our Resource fund is accessed by a lot of different people for a lot of different resources. Because of this, we ask that people pay what they can towards the resource(s) they are ordering. If you can’t pay very much, or anything at all, don’t worry! We’ll cover the cost for you.
  • Step 4: Wait for it…
    We do resource orders at least once a month, usually around the 15th. Things usually take up to two (2) weeks to ship, but once it’s in we’ll contact you via the information you filled out on your order form and let you know that your order has arrived!
  • Step 5: Pick it up!
    Once your order has come in, we’ll contact you with a order number. Just come into the Pride Centre and tell any coordinator that you’ve got a resource order to pick up, give us the order number, and we’ll get your new binder for you! If you come in and find that no one is around, or can’t make it during any of our regular office hours, just [link: email ] us or message us on our [link: Facebook ] page and we’ll work something out.

We offer our services to all people on what is known as Vancouver Island. We know that getting to campus can be quite the challenge, and will work with you if you are unable to make it to campus to place or pick up your order. Please email [link: ] for more info!

Our Binder Exchange Program:

We accept donations of clean and usable binders, and then offer them to people who need them. Come by and drop off your old binders, or pick up a used one from our exchange program to take home on that same day!


Phone:        (250) 472-4393  (leave a message for Resource Coordinator)
In person:  UVic Pride Centre, B010 Student Union Building, University of Victoria