We are currently forming a list of suggestions to add to our library! If you have any suggestions, please add them to this [link: Google Doc ], or email them to [link: library@uvicpride.ca ].

The Pride Centre is home to UVic Pride’s lending-library. We have books on a variety of topics, focused on gender and sexuality and the many facets of identity they intersect with.

Anyone is welcome to borrow books and movies from Pride’s library! We like to stock books that either the UVic Library or the Greater Victoria Public Library may not have, so the books we have are sometimes hard to find in this region.

How to Sign Out Books
We have a self-serve sign-out system. On one of the bookshelves, you’ll find a binder titled “Resources” and in there you’ll find a sign out book! All you have to do is put your name/pseudonym, contact information, and the book information and you’re good to go! We’re working on digitizing the library system and check-out process to streamline the process.

We have books about all sorts of things, including (but not limited to):

  • academic books with a central focus on gender analysis
  • academic books relating to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • arts books (art, drama, photography, film)
  • comics and graphic novels
  • biography and autobiographies
  • books on sex, pleasure, BDSM, kink, safer sex guidebooks
  • non-fiction essays
  • fiction (novels, short stories, poetry)
  • family, relationships, polyamory, parenting
  • fiction anthologies
  • history
  • laws and legal systems
  • poetry
  • politics and culture, activism, political movements
  • spirituality and religion
  • support and allyship
  • zines and self-published works

We have a few DVD’s to sign out as well!

Here’s what our library looks like
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