The UVic Pride Collective offers razors and shaving cream, and testosterone and insulin injection supplies for free! Scroll down for more info.

Why razors and shaving cream?  

Hair removal products can be a vital resource for many trans people, but are often seen as a “luxury product” rather than a necessity. It is for this reason that we offer both razors and shaving cream for free in the bathroom at UVic Pride (SUB B010)!

Why testosterone and insulin injection supplies?

Supplies for testosterone and insulin injections can get pretty expensive and are often hard to get, and are not covered by many insurance plans despite them often being life-saving equipment. It is for this reason that we offer the following for free in the bathroom at UVic Pride (SUB B010):

  • 18g 1 1/2 inch needles
  • 22g 1/2 inch needles
  • 22g 1 inch needles
  • 25g 5/8 inch needles
  • 25g 1 inch needles
  • 26g 1/2 needles
  • 27g 1/2 inch needles
  • 1ml syringes
  • 3ml syringes
  • 1cc insulin needles
  • 1/2cc insulin needles
  • Sharps containers (we cannot accept full containers, please return full containers to a pharmacy)
  • Alcohol swabs

All of these resources are located in UVic Pride’s washroom completely for free! Just come into UVic Pride (B010) and take what you need! 


Phone:        (250) 472-4393  (leave a message for Resource Coordinator)
In person:  UVic Pride Centre, B010 Student Union Building, University of Victoria