The Pride Centre is located in the basement of the Student Union Building at UVic in SUB B010.

Our Centre is where all the magic happens! It’s where all of our resources and services are kept and is the space where we work out of!

It is a drop-in centre! Students and community members can come on in, chill out on the couches, do their homework, eat lunch, hang out, work on projects, watch Grey’s Anatomy – whatever! The space is for you! Staff and volunteer coordinators hold office hours, if you need any help (you can find these hours [link: here ]), but even when office hours aren’t being held, the space is still open as a drop-in space! The Pride Centre is usually open from 9am – 9pm. If you ever find that the Centre is locked, students can sign out a key from the UVSS General Office. Collective members may also request access to the keycode to enter the Centre by emailing (for approval by the Collective or Coordinating Committee).

The Centre includes a gender-inclusive washroom with one toilet. There are handrails. The washroom is also where most of our resources are kept! You can find safer sex supplies, used binders, menstrual products, pregnancy tests, testosterone and insulin injection supplies, and many others! Help yourself! We also have numerous gender-affirming resources available to order. More information about our resources can be found by hovering your mouse pointer over the “Resources and Services” tab at the top of this website.

The Centre also includes a small kitchen space with a fridge and freezer where you can store food to be kept cold (just label your name, otherwise it might get eaten, or mark it if it’s communal), a microwave, toaster, and kettle. We don’t have any control over the kinds of food that are used in our appliances. We often have communal food available in the kitchen as well! Just take a look in the cupboard marked “food”, in the fridge, or under the microwave. There is also a library in the Centre! Feel free to check-out and borrow any of the books. There is a self-serve check-out system – more information can be found by clicking [link: here ]. A public computer is also available for use.

The space is often crowded and loud, especially around noon.

Accessibility Information

There is an elevator that can be used to get to the basement, and our office is just down the hall to your left when leaving it. The Student Union Building is wheelchair accessible.

The space is lit with fluorescent lighting covered by light filters (not present in the photo below) and is is wheelchair accessible – including our washroom.

The Centre is scent-free, as is the entire Student Union Building.

Collective members often play music out of the external computer speakers. The space is communal, feel free to ask for a change in volume or song/style if you need it.


We have an Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism policy as well as a Safer Spaces policy, which are in effect at all times. These, along with our other policies can be accessed on our website by clicking [link: here].

If you have any questions about our space, please contact us at

Here’s what part of our Centre looks like! (furniture arrangement has changed, picture will be updated soon)
FullSizeRender (2)