UVic Pride is constantly creating and collecting various resources to better serve our community.

Allyship – on this page you will find resources on being an ally, both to queer and trans* individuals and in the broader sense, including how to acknowledge your own locations of privilege.

Gender – on this page you will find gender-specific resources, including pronoun reference charts and a map of gender-inclusive washrooms on campus.

Sexual Orientation – resources coming soon

Collective Documents – on this page you will find Pride’s Constitution and Bylaws as well as policies and other resources the Collective has created.

The Library – on this page you will learn all about Pride’s ongoing efforts at creating and maintaining a lending library dedicated to sexual and gender diversity topics.

Links to Other Organizations (COMING SOON) – contains information and links to other Victoria and BC organizations that do work in queer activism and/or other forms of social justice organizing. Also includes information about bars, social groups, and health and crisis support services.