GIWI is the Gender Inclusive Washroom Initiative, UVic Pride’s campaign for more gender-inclusive washrooms both on and off campus. UVic Pride has a single-use, gender-inclusive washroom located in the Pride Centre, SUB B010. Anyone is welcome to use our washroom!

Multi-gender washrooms, also known as gender-inclusive or gender-neutral washrooms, are not a concept limited to UVic. Universities across the country have been looking at creating more gender-inclusive washrooms. Most schools have single stall, gender-neutral washrooms. However, these are often also the accessible washrooms which people need to be able to use. Some places have multi-use, multi-gender washrooms. These washrooms are more efficient and leave accessible washrooms free for people who need them.

Come to SUB and check out the gender-inclusive washrooms! UVic Pride worked really hard to get those washrooms converted and were successful in 2012! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information!