What are multi-gender washrooms?

Multi-gender, multi-stall washrooms are also called family or unisex washrooms, and are common at public pools as family change-rooms.

Multi-gender, multi-stall washrooms typically have a stall or dividers for each toilet or urinal, sinks and mirrors and may have other useful features (baby changing tables, hand dryers, bench, etc.). Multi-gender washrooms are used for activities like using a toilet, washing hands, changing clothing, checking hair, changing a baby’s diaper and accessing facilities with a support worker or client of a different gender.

Why do people want multi-gender/multi stall washrooms?

There are many different user groups who benefit from these washrooms. See the previous question for a list of some activities people would use these washrooms for.

What’s wrong with having just male and female washrooms?

There are many reasons people may experience difficulties or safety concerns using washrooms that are designated male or female. People may be harassed for using the “wrong” washroom. Other people may have children in their care or be with caregivers/support people of another gender.

There are only a few people who need them; why should we go to all this trouble for them?

Everybody uses washrooms and everyone is welcome to use these washrooms.

Are there gender-neutral washrooms on campus?

Yes, campus has some single-stall, gender-neutral washrooms. Click here for a map.

What do people use now if they don’t feel comfortable with the current washrooms?

People who don’t feel comfortable using the current washrooms may seek out single stalls, hold it until they can find a comfortable space or go in washroom and feel uncomfortable.

Why don’t people just use the single stall washrooms?

There are not very many single stall washrooms in the SUB, and these are designed and needed for accessibility purposes. Multi-stall washrooms are more efficient — less waiting in line!

Do these exist anywhere else?

Yes, some universities, businesses and other organizations (such as rec centres) have multi-stall, multigender washrooms.

Which washroom on campus are multi-gender?  Why?

The washrooms in the main hall, across from International Grill in the Student Union Building are gender-inclusive.

What was changed in the washrooms?

The washrooms required minimal changes to be converted to multi-gender. A divider was be added in front of urinals in the current men’s washroom.

Who would be able to use these washrooms?

Anyone is  welcome to use them!

Are there stalls / urinals /changing table / tampon and condom disposers?


Will it be as accessible as the single stall across from International Grill?

While each washroom has an accessible stall, there is no lift in either of these washrooms.


I don’t feel comfortable.

It is understandable that this may be different than many of the washrooms you have encountered. Only one pair of washrooms in the SUB has been converted to multi-gender at this time. The SUB has three other pairs of multi-stall washrooms as well as single stall washrooms on the main and upper floor.

Do you have a specific reason you feel uncomfortable? People would be expected to follow the same norms of appropriate bathroom use as currently existed. Anything criminal or inappropriate  would still be considered criminal or inappropriate.