What are Gender Affirming Resources?

Gender affirming resources are resources that allow our gender identities to more accurately be reflected in our gender presentation. Basically, they are things that allow others to see our gender how we want them to see it. This is not unique to trans, queer, or two-spirit people: cis people may use gender affirming resources without even realizing it. They can be things like razors, makeup, shoes, or bras. They allow us to feel more comfortable in our bodies.

Why does UVic Pride offer Gender Affirming Resources?

Although all people may use some kind of gender affirming resource in their day-to-day life, we know that the resources needed by queer, trans, and two-spirit people are unique and often hard to find or fund. It is for this reason that we offer several different kinds of resources that are often sought out by these communities, on a pay what you can basis!

Who can access these resources?

We offer resources to anyone on Vancouver Island. You don’t have to be a student to access any of our resources! However, we do ask that you pick up your order from campus if you are able. We know that getting to campus can be quite the challenge, and will work with you if you are unable to make it to campus to place or pick up your order. Please email Michelle [ link: financecoordinator@uvicpride.ca ] or Kira [ library@uvicpride.ca ] for more info!

What do you offer, and how do I order?

To find a list of what gender affirming resources we offer hover (or click if you’re on mobile) on the menu “Resources”, and then do the same to “Gender Affirming Resources”. The ordering information is available on each resource’s page, but most resources are on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. This means that we ask you to pay as much or as little as you can, and we’ll subsidize the rest! We’ll also cover your shipping!

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!


Email:        Michelle ( financecoordinator@uvicpride.ca ) or Kira ( library@uvicpride.ca )
Phone:       (250) 472-4393  (leave a message for Michelle or Kira)
In person:  UVic Pride Centre, B010 Student Union Building, University of Victoria