UVic Pride has a great team of coordinators, volunteers, and activists.  We’re all working together to sustain Pride’s services, develop advocacy campaigns, and keep engaged with local communities. For a description of coordinator roles, please read our [link: constitution ]. This semester’s group of coordinators consists of:


  • Avery, Office Coordinator pride@uvic.ca
    Office Hours: Monday: 8:30-3:00. Tuesday: 8:30-3:00. Wednesday: 8:30-3:30
  • Michelle, Finance Coordinator, Interim Resource Coordinator financecoordinator@uvicpride.ca
    Office Hours: By appointment

Elected Coordinators

J, Trans Representative

Office Hours: By appointment

Josie, Youth Representative youthcoordinator@uvicpride.ca
Office Hours: By appointment

Kira, Library Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Interim Resource Coordinator library@uvicpride.ca
Office Hours: By appointment

Taryn, Events and Activism Coordinator ( eventsandactivismcc@uvicpride.ca )
Office Hours: By appointment

Victoria, Post-Secondary Outreach Coordinator ( pride@uvic.ca )
Office Hours: By appointment

Willa, Safer Spaces Coordinator, UVSS Board Representative, Advocacy Council Representative ( willa@uvicpride.ca & boardrep@uvicpride.ca )
Office Hours: By appointment

Vacant Positions

  • Volunteer Support & Resource Officer
  • Resources Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Resources
  • Grad Student Representative
  • Safer Spaces Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Office Coordinator