The Pride Space
The Pride Space has no official hours, and is usually open from morning to evening from around 11:00AM to 6:00 PM (Summer 2016). If the Space is not open and the door is locked, you may sign out a key from the UVSS General Office upstairs in SUB B128 from 9am-4pm during the week to open the space. If the General Office is closed, a key can be obtained from the Building Attendant by calling (250) 580-5542 on weekdays, or Campus Security at (250) 721-7599.

The Pride Space is open for special events or just as a space for people to hang out, do homework, play games, etc. Oftentimes, there are no coordinators in the space, but feel free to hang out and use the space regardless. 

The Pride Space may be closed during posted Caucus Hours. If this is the case, there will be a sign on the outer door to inform all visitors that the space is closed for members of the caucuses only. 

The Pride Office
The Pride Office is a smaller room within the Pride Centre (the door immediately to the right as you enter the Centre). It exists as an administrative workplace and more private meeting space for the operations of the Pride Collective. Hours are also informal, though coordinating committee members do hold office hours. These are posted on the doors to the Pride Centre and the Pride Office. It’s best to [link: email us ] if you want to speak to a specific person or coordinating committee member to ensure they are around. Information on the coordinating committee can be found [link: here ].


Phone: (250) 472-4393 
Address: Room B010 Student Union Building (3800 Finnerty Road), University of Victoria