UVic Pride Collective Meeting Minutes – May 3rd 2018


  • Acknowledgement of the Territories
  • Safer Spaces Policy
  • Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
  • How Does a Collective Work?
  • Proposed Additions to the Agenda
  • Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride – our action plan


  1. Pride brunch may 10

$50 budget was approved to cover bus tickets and financial need of attendees.

 2. Latex Free Condoms

In process, hopefully we’ll have them by the 10th of May.


  1. Latex Free Condoms, discussed previously.


Additions to the Agenda:

T-shirts for Pride festival

Design shown to the collective in attendance, slight updates were made and will be sent to graphics to get a final design. This design will be brought to the new advocacy committee to ascertain whether funding can be provided for them as they encompass a variety of marginalized peoples. A tentative budget of $100 was approved as well so that at least a few can be made for the incoming Pride Week parade and events.


Pride brunch

       Discussed previously, approved for $50 budget.


Pride beach day

Approved for further development, budget and specifics to be determined later.


New computer

Previously approved during the prior semester, updated the collective on the associated price and verified that the collective was still interested in going forward. Contact will be made with tech representative with the UVSS to get this update moving.


Discussion on summer plans & prep for the fall.

Discussed having at least 2 events per month during the summer with general positive affirmation of this plan from the collective. The budget for the summer semester was briefly discussed to ensure that we stay within our budget for that period.


Approval of Minutes

Approved, written by Michelle Cormier.