UVic Pride Collective Meeting Minutes – April 3rd 2018


1) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2) Safer Spaces Policy

3) Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in

4) How Does a Collective Work?

5) Proposed Additions to the Agenda
a) Amended Budget
b) Discussion re: Advocacy Council and Board Meetings

6) Updates
– Agenda will be posted tonight.
b) Coffee Social
– Happening on Friday, you should come.
c) Idea Board
– Nothing

7) Amended Budget
Budget Updated to reflect work study top up -> Approved.

8) Discussion re: Advocacy Council and Board Meetings
The policy previously discussed during the Board Meeting regarding advocacy council liability is still tabled. Discussion occurred regarding why don’t we have a good process for both sides, policy went through the approved channels but wasn’t fully discussed. Advocacy Council was having difficulty finding a good medium for discussion. A new idea is being drafted to replace monthly advocacy council meetings. This will take the form of a biweekly (or more to be determined) meeting of advocacy council representatives and board representatives discussing pertinent issues and sharing resources. Outside of the advocacy council representatives themselves others could attend as well. This will allow more meetings for when issues come up and to improve policy development. This can include other guests from the UVSS as well. The hope is that this will improve transparency and allow more discussion about issues and policies on neutral ground.

9) Approval of Minutes
~ Prepared by Theodore Razzo
~ Approved by Michelle Cormier