Agenda Semi-Annual General Meeting April 12th 2018

UVic Pride SAGM Agenda – April 12, 2018


1) Acknowledgement of the Territories

2) Safer Spaces Policy

3) Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in

4) How Does an SAGM Work?

5) Proposed Additions?

6) Updates:

  • Dissolving the union position of Volunteer Support Coordinator as per previous collective decision.

7) Appeals for Voting Rights

8) Voting Method for AGM Elections

  • VOTE: Use the Schulze method for coordinator elections at this SAGM.

9) Ratifying Union Agreement Changes

Due to various changes made by the Steel Workers Union last year, several points on our constitution will need to be updated to match with their policies. Highlighted areas are affected, strike throughs indicate portions to be removed, bolded is updated text:

5.2 “Membership”

a. Collective Coordinator (Office/Administration)

i. This individual must be an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria

  n. Coordinator of Volunteer Resources and Support

-> Must be UVic student as per union guidelines.

5.4 “Elections”

  1. Members of the coordinating committee will be elected at a general meeting for a one (1) year term (excluding the paid positions, as per union guidelines they must be at least two year terms as such paid coordinators will be elected in 2 year cycles) either when a position becomes vacant or at the end of the current representative term.

10) Clarifications to Constitution

3.4 “Decision Making”

a. Redaction of card-voting system. Replace with “Voting system to be determined during AGM/SAGM”.

3.4 “Voting”

a. Redaction of card-voting system. Replace with “Voting system to be determined during AGM/SAGM”.

f.9 “Keys and Passwords”

f. “The door codes shall be changed when…”

iv – “A general meeting occurs”.

7 “Policy”

  1. Policy shall be established by a vote of three quarters plus one majority, in either a Collective or General meeting.

12) Changes due to UVSS Policy regarding Harm Reduction

Pride no longer offers Harm Reduction materials or supplies as per UVSS guidelines. The following changes are to bring our Constitution in line with those changes.

2 “Responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee”

n. “Resource Coordinator”

i. Community organizations that support Uvic Pride’s harm reduction initiative?

ii. Coordinate UVic Pride’s Harm Reduction volunteers in tandem with the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources?

vi. Stocking and maintaining all safer sex, safer use, and gender affirming supplies and resources?

10 “Safer Spaces List of Non-Negotiable Needs”

7. Redact all points on harm reduction volunteers as we cannot offer them from Pride.

12) Updates to Financial Policy

9 “Financial Policy”

-> 1. Change maximum coordinator spending allowance from $150 to $100.

-> 2. $150 to $100.

13) Changes to Bylaw 6: (2. Responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee)

Creation of the Social Media Coordinator to manage Pride social media presence, ratifying the Library Coordinator’s duties, both of which will be added to section 2. Membership of the Pride Constitution. Update to responsibilities of all positions for future coordinators.

Social Media Coordinator: The social media coordinator shall:

  1. Be responsible for posting and moderating articles, updates, resources, advertisements, etc, on UVic Pride’s behalf on our official social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
  2. Send out a weekly email newsletter that will detail any relevant UVic Pride updates and events.
  3. Update the Pride website in collaboration with the Collective Coordinator (office/administration).
  4. Collaborate with the Collective Coordinators (Events and Activism/Fundraising) to advertise events and fundraising opportunities, and to share details about them on social media outlets.
  5. Other duties as required.

Library Coordinator: The library coordinator shall:

  1. Maintain UVic Pride’s current collection of books/zines/shelved materials (“The Library”). This includes an online and/or physical inventory of current materials, and an online and/or physical lending database.
  2. The (possible) procurement of new materials that does not exceed the library spending allowance unless otherwise specified, or in exceptional cases.
  3. Working with other collective coordinators and external sources whenever necessary.
  4. Other duties as required.

Proposed Responsibility for all Positions:

– Develop and maintain a guide of responsibilities that coordinators in this position can follow. 

11) Changes due to the Creation of the Social Media Coordinator

The following changes are duties being shifted to the Social Media Coordinator, should that position be ratified during this SAGM.

6.2 “Responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee”

b. “Collective Coordinator (Office/Administration)”

ii. Ensure that internal and external communication occurs, including a regular newsletter or email

 vii. Organise graphics and promotional materials;

ix. Ensure the Collective’s social media accounts are regularly updated

15) Coordinator Elections

  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Volunteer Office Coordinator
  • Grad Student Representative
  • Trans Representative
  • Post-Secondary Outreach Coordinator
  • Resource Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Resources and Support
  • Advocacy Council Representative
  • Safer Spaces Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • IPOC Representative

16) Approval of Minutes