UVic Pride Minutes – March 19, 2018


Acknowledgement of the Territories
Safer Spaces Policy
Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
How Does a Collective Work?

Proposed Additions to the Agenda:
General updates on what is happening currently.

Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride – our action plan.


Emergency fund request
Michelle is currently working on it.
Possible movie night
Avery is working on this.
Pride party
Avery is working on this.
Volunteer appreciation
Avery is working on this.
SAGM has to be pushed into April, as Pride has unpaid invoices with the Martlett.
Invoices will be paid on Tuesday, meaning advertising must be pushed to a later printing.
Earliest time for the SAGM: April 12
Michelle is dealing with logistics.
Clothing Rack
New rack was recently donated. Clothing exchange is back up.
All doors changed.
Storage rooms are also locked.
Keys can be taken out for main door at General Office
AVP Posters
Put up in washroom
2018/2019 Budget
Just needs to be presented
Approval of Minutes
Kira approved.