UVic Pride Collective Meeting Minutes – December 8, 2017


  1. Acknowledgement of the Territories
  2. Safer Spaces Policy
  3. Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
  4. How Does a Collective Work?
  5. Proposed Additions to the Agenda
    1. Book Club (Kira) – Kira would like to start a book club in the January semester, they will create a doodle poll to figure out a date to start running, and the schedule for meetings. There will be a doodle poll to figure out what everyone would like to read for a reading list. This was voted on and approved.
    2. Possible OUT Subscription (May have been subscribed in the past)? (Kira) – We previously subscribed to OUT magazine and Kira is interested to know if we want to start that again. It would be roughly $30 a year and we would start in January. Kira will research further but this was approved for go ahead to start the subscription provided there is no objectionable material.
    3. Different syringe size (27×1.5 gage) – Possible order? (Michelle) – 27×1.5 gauge needles for testosterone/estrogen injection were requested previously. It was approved to acquire a box to see if people are interested in this in the future.
    4. Diva cup wholesale order? (J) – We have a wholesaler for menstruation supplies that can also provide diva cups. We are interested in having these on a need to order basis like the gender affirming resources. This was warmly received as it is less wasteful than tampons or pads. Between J, Kira and Michelle this process will be worked out. Approved to start rolling this out.
    5. AOP Training – Check in with Bear and Avery regarding providing AOP training for volunteers and coordinators.
    6. Holiday Potluck dates – Doodle Poll? (Taryn) – This might have to be tabled as the semester is almost over and this event has not been finalized. However there was discussion of a possible holiday potluck in January to be revisited next semester.
    7. Etc.?
  6. Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride, our action plan
  7. Updates:
    1. Library updates inventory labeling were discussed and are in progress.
    2. 2017 Budget updates are in progress.
    3. More Pride tabling pamphlets will be ordered for outreach in the new year.
  8. Ideaboard/Discussion
    1. Red Umbrella Day – Kira will contact the organizers and see if this is something Pride can get involved with and in what way. This was approved.
    2. Felicitas Gendered Washrooms – It was approved to contact UVSS to see what the current situation is regarding the washrooms.
    3. More Movie Nights? – An educational pride movie night with discussion afterwards was discussed, the group seemed amenable. Additionally, further entertainment movie nights were also enthusiastically requested.
    4. Salsa Night? – Previously Pride has had Salsa night and it was discussed that in the new year we could partner with the Dance Club on campus to try and facilitate this. Nothing was decided, this would only be to gauge interest and see about pursuing this in the new year.
  9. EQHR – There is a possibility of Pride working with them towards getting more trans related resources available to the campus in general. However, no one at this collective meeting had further details to update.
  10. Approval of Minutes – Kira checked and approved minutes.