UVic Pride Collective Meeting Agenda – October 13, 2017

UVic Pride Collective Meeting Agenda – October 13, 2017



  • Acknowledgement of the Territories
  • Safer Spaces Policy
  • Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
  • How Does a Collective Work?
  • Proposed Additions to the Agenda
  • Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride, our action plan.

  • Updates:

    – Date for budget meeting has been announced for next week.


– Anti-Oppression Training scheduled for 5 PM next Wednesday.


8) Ideaboard

9) Annual General Meeting


  • Need to reschedule the AGM because we weren’t on the ball with advertising.
  • We need to discuss how we want to move forward with the AGM and decide on a date.
  • We need to inform the Martlet about the date for the AGM and advertise for two weeks.
  • We need to poster across campus to advertise the AGM.

10) Halloween Movie Night



  • We need to book vertigo or the Michelle Pujol room and start organizing this event.
  • What movie do we want to watch? Do we want to bring food?



12) Approval of Minutes – Approved