UVic Pride Collective Meeting Agenda – July 26th, 2017

UVic Pride Collective Meeting Minutes – July 26th, 2017



  • Acknowledgement of the Territories
  • Safer Spaces Policy
  • Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
  • How Does a Collective Work?
  • Proposed Additions to the Agenda – VOTE: approved
  • Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride, our action plan.


  • Try to find ways to build relationships with the nations here.
  • Get into contact with SOCC and NSU to plan event.


  • CBC interview update
  • Alt-Pride participation

8) Ideaboard




9) Camosun Pride Collaboration


  • Have there been any updates? Maggie and Hannah?


10) Inclusion in the Pride Space


  • How do we make our space more open and welcoming to new members?
  • How do we challenge ourselves to communicate with more transparency?

11) UVSS board involvement in harm reduction


  • Had meeting with UVSS Board, Health Services, and Erin. Relayed concerns regarding board involvement in a harm reduction education program. Suggested that board could advertise for advocacy groups already engaging in harm reduction initiatives.
  • Does UVic Pride want to respond to UVSS Board involvement in harm reduction?
  • Do we want to work with the board to provide education and training?


12) Gender Affirming Resources


  • Discussion regarding how we want to potentially limit the gender affirming resources.
  • How can we prioritize the most vulnerable intersections of our community?
  • It was previously decided at a collective meeting that we could limit the initiative to one resource per person, but do we want to consider other limitations to ensure that our funds go towards supporting vulnerable communities such as youth, sex workers, IBPOC, transfeminine, and other vulnerable communities?


13) Workshop For Cannassist


“CanAssist which is a small non-profit program that works with youth ages  15-19 who have mental or physical disabilities to find meaningful employment in the community.  Our team is organizing a retreat/training day for mid-July, we are looking to improve our team knowledge around LGBTQ2+ issues, specifically around gender identity and gender expression. Since we work with vulnerable youth, we want to ensure that we have the tools to provide a safe and inclusive space for all and I’m wondering whether Pride advocacy group provides any kind professional development opportunity we could have our team attend that would address sexuality, gender identity, and gender expression over the summer, or if there are any community-based workshops you can recommend for us to attend, or if you can recommend a presenter who would be able to facilitate a workshop for us here at TeenWork (we are located in CanAssist, inside the CARSA building)?


After browsing your site, the queer & trans 101 workshop may be the best option for us. We have a small budget to pay for such a workshop, and our team consists of 5 members. “


  • Would like to work from an IPOC/Indigenous lens, and start date as early as July 13
  • Willa and Alexis will do training.
  • Has there been any follow-up with this?


14) Interim Finance Coordinator



  • We need to elect an interim finance coordinator and present a budget to the advocacy council.


15) Approval of Minutes – End of meeting.