UVic Pride Collective Meeting Agenda – May 11th, 2017

UVic Pride Collective Meeting Minutes – May 11th, 2017



  • Acknowledgement of the Territories
  • Safer Spaces Policy
  • Round of Names/Pronouns/Check-in
  • How Does a Collective Work?
  • Proposed Additions to the Agenda
  • Racism, Colonialism and Exclusion in Pride, our action plan + expectations going forward
  • Updates
    – Victor Brodeur Mental Health Day
    Pride’s IPOC and Trans Rep, Volunteer Office Coordinator and Office coordinator gave four classroom talks about UVic Pride and how mental health relates to gender and sexuality. We had some really great discussions with the students and many seemed interested in UVic Pride and youth events in the city. They are also interested in collaborating on an upcoming event they are planning as a school.

    – Destination UVic
    Reminder that we will be tabling at Destination UVic from 9am to 3pm on Saturday! Get in contact with the Office Coordinator if you are interested in tabling.

    – Board Rep



8.) Ideaboard

9.) Computer Purchasing

10.) Evening/Off-Campus Coffee Social Hours

11.) Chechnya Political Awareness Event

A community member is interested in hosting an event raising awareness about current events in Chechnya. They are seeking assistance with booking a space, advertising the event and potentially some support with hosting the event as well.

They are hoping to hold the event on May 23rd.

12.) Summer Semester Collective Meeting Times
– Attendance at Pride meetings is known to majorly decrease during the summer months
– Generally, Pride switches to having meetings every two weeks from May-August, instead of every week

We have the option of keeping weekly meetings if we want

13.) Victoria Youth Council Housing Project

14.) Naloxone Training

15.) Sexualized Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator position

– The university is hiring a Sexualized Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator and is seeking two Pride members to meet with the three candidates on behalf of our organization to evaluate them for the position. The interviews will be at the following times:

Tuesday, May 16th  Session:  1:00- 2:00 pm  MAC D287

Wednesday, May 17th Session:  10:45-11:45 am  MAC D287

Tuesday, May 23rd Session: 1:00- 2:00 pm MAC D287

16.)  Work Study Postings

17.) Office Coordinator Job Posting/Hiring Committee

– The Office Coordinator’s position will be over on Friday, June 16th. To allow time for training the new office coordinator, hiring should be complete by Friday, June 9th.

– This means the job posting needs to go up by Friday, May 19th if possible.

– We can have up to three Pride members on the hiring committee

18.) Approval of Minutes