Re: Peter Singer Speaking at UVic

Re: Peter Singer Speaking at UVic
It has come to our attention that Peter Singer, a moral philosopher and bioethics professor, has been invited to an event hosted by UVic Effective Altruism Club in the Student Union Building today. Peter Singer is best known for his utilitarian philosophy, including the idea of effective altruism. We are concerned with his history of propagating selective infanticide and eugenics towards disabled people, on the grounds that their way of life is not worth living. Eugenics is rooted in white supremacy: it is ableist, racist, and discriminatory. As UVic Pride coordinators, we do not support the decision to host Singer on this campus. It is irresponsible of the UVSS to allow such a speaker that violates their commitment to the safety and rights of disabled communities.


UVic Pride supports Connect UVic’s slate for the UVSS Board Of Directors, Senate, and Board Of Governors, and their opposition to this event. In contrast, Energize UVic has decided to support this event in the name of “free speech” while being oblivious to the needs and rights of UVic’s disabled communities. We strongly oppose Energize UVic’s stance on this issue and encourage them to listen to the disabled communities who are attempting to show them the harm these actions are creating.

We stand with and support the members of our community that are actively protesting and boycotting the event today. There will be a protest today at 3pm at Cinecenta Theatre against Peter Singer and Systemic Eugenics and we hope to see many of you out there. If you are not able to attend, please post, share, and actively educate people about this issue.



The UVic Pride Coordinating Committee


Charlotte Johnson-Carter – Volunteer Office Coordinator

Kevin Henry – Trans/IPOC Rep

Tareem Sangha – Volunteer Resource and Support Officer

Zack Locke – Events and Activism Coordinator

Sara Maya Bhandar – Safer Spaces Coordinator

This statement was originally issued only on behalf of the coordinating committee. Following a decision made at the collective meeting on March 2nd, 2017, the collective chose to adopt this statement as an official position of UVic Pride, not just the coordinating committee.