Trans Idol !

Trans Idol poster

We acknowledge that this event is taking place on the unceded and unsurrendered Lekwungen and WSÁNÉC territories, and work to practice ongoing processes of decolonization.

Trans Idol is happening February 5th, 2016, from 5:30-8:30 in Vertigo, located in the SUB at UVic! Open to all ages!

Attendance and performance is free.

However, this event is for trans and non-binary people only. If you would like others outside the community to experience your performance, we will have someone available to film for you!

We will have three fantastic community members offering words of encouragement and sass!
And a fantastic host to keep the evening glittery! 🙂

All performers will leave with a little gift 🙂

Sign-Up to Perform Here:

In the weeks leading up until Trans Idol, and the night of, we will be selling tickets that you can put into raffles on many wonderful things from trans and queer folks! Paintings, customized clothing, beadwork, leatherwork, comics, prints and much much more! Thank you so much to all the wonderful gems who have donated their time, care, creativity and energy .

Here is a link to the auction (where you can also find pictures and more info!):

How it works:
There will be a draw for each individual prize at Trans Idol being held on February 5th at the event.
There is information about all the prizes up to win on the tumblr site.
You can purchase tickets online for each individual prize by clicking the paypal link. It is very important that you include a correct name and way to contact you when making your purchase especially if you will not be present at the fundraiser.
Your name will be entered into the draw for that prize.
At Trans Idol folks will also be able to purchase tickets and put them in the jar for the prize of their choice.
So you are not purchasing a ticket to win any prize in one big draw. You are getting a ticket to put in a draw for the prize (or prizes) of your choice. You may purchase tickets for as many prizes as you want. You may also purchase as many tickets for a single prize as you like. It’s a game of strategy!
Tickets are $2 each.
If your name is drawn then you have yourself a magnificent sweet sweet something cool.
If you live outside of the Greater Victoria we can ship you your prize. You will be required to pay for shipping costs and we will be in touch after the fundraiser.
And of course all the money donated goes directly to supporting Trans and Non-Binary people in the community through Uvic Pride’s Undercover Initiative (Gender Affirming Resources.)

The SUB is next to the new section University of Victoria bus loop which serves the routes 12, 13, 39, 76, 51, 16, and 26. UVic is also accessible via routes 4, 7/2, 11, 14, and 15.

Vertigo has accessible facilities, and we will be making the multi-stall washrooms inside gender inclusive!

*Bus tickets will be made available

UVic Pride has made a commitment to work towards creating and maintaining safer spaces not only for the events it organizes and hosts, but also in the communities it’s members work and live in. Safer Spaces Volunteers are community members who will be wearing brightly coloured (purple) arm bands. Safer Spaces Volunteers are point people if something arises and folks need someone to talk to, and they will also ask folks to leave the event if they are being unsafe.

If you have any questions, please email us at