AGM Agenda November 21, 2013

– Acknowledgement of the Territories

Safer Spaces

Round of Names


Voting Card Review


– Collective Coordinator (x2)

– Financial Coordinator

– Trans* Representative

– Grad Representative

– Camosun Representative

Caucus Policy


The Caucus Policy that is being proposed was drafted in Spring 2012 and discussed at that semester’s Spring AGM, but without any concrete conclusion. We will be reviewing it and voting on whether to adopt it as policy this AGM.

The Caucus Policy would provide a framework for marginalized groups within the Collective to meet in official capacity and to have an explicit voice.

Caucuses are intended to create safer spaces for individuals within the Collective who identify with a marginalized group that affect their interaction with the Collective space or activities. The area of marginalization may or may not impact how an individual interprets their queer identity.