AGM, Clothing Swap and more!

As a reminder, our Annual General Meeting is coming up! At this meeting (next Thursday October 13th at 6pm in the Upper Lounge) we will have elections for all vacant positions on our coordinating committee, as well as discuss changes to policies and our constitution. Information about the proposed changes are now up at the AGM tab. All members of Pride that have voting rights (e.g. have attended two or more collective meetings already, or participated in a working group) will have voting rights at the AGM. If you do not have voting rights currently but would like to participate you can appeal for voting rights either before by dropping by the Pride Centre or sending an e-mail, or at the beginning of the meeting by bringing it to the attention of any of the coordinators.

As of now, the positions that will become vacant are:
3 collective coordinator positions
Graduate student representative
Camosun representative
Financial Coordinator

Also, the day after will a clothing swap! We are now accepting donations or entries to the swap. Bring anything you’d like to contribute to the Pride Centre (B010), any time between now and the day of the swap. Then show up on October 14th at 6pm in Vertigo and take what you like! You don’t have to donate to take, and you don’t have to take to donate. This will be a safer space event. More information is under the Events tab. It’ll be fun!

And as always, Friday Night Coffeehouse and discussion groups are going on. For more information see the Events tab or the Get Involved tab.

Happy long weekend!